About Marissa

I was young when I got pregnant with my amazing daughter. Little did I know what an amazing adventure she was going to take me on. We were young and unprepared for parenthood, but we went in full force.

Fast forward eight years, and here we are. Since that day in the emergency room, finding out I was going to have a baby and not an appendectomy, so much has happened. We have laughed, cried, and grown together as a family. We welcomed our son 4 years ago, moved, got married, and started an amazing little adventure.

I started my mindfulness journey when my daughter was a toddler. We had been through some very emotional events leading up to my discovery of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. I had attempted yoga and meditation in the past, but it never stuck. I was always too busy being an emotional wreck to realize that I actually needed to slow down and appreciate all that surrounded me.

Last year I decided that I wanted to share my love of yoga and mindfulness with children of all ages. So, I dove in. I got certified as a children’s yoga teacher and began teaching right away. That decision has taken me on the most amazing ride of my life. I not only get to share this time with my own children, but I also get to influence and help so many other kids. Everyday I take the opportunity to grow and change in any way that I think will help my family, my career, and my SELF.

A little backstory on me:

I lived off the grid with my parents and older sister, in Montana, until I was five. We had no running water, no electricity, and we had all the fun in the world! We pumped our water from a well, and ran a generator to watch t.v. My sister and I would wander the property with no worries. Life was amazing!

By the time I had started school, we had moved to a different community in Montana. We now had electricity and running water! It seemed like magic to us, as kids. We were amazed that we could turn the t.v. on whenever we wanted. We could take a bath in hot water at any time. We spent hours playing and wandering the forest behind the house. We built forest homes, searched for fairies, and had amazing adventures together. We helped my mom in the garden, and we wandered up the hill behind the house to visit the horse pasture. We had always owned at least one horse. Life was amazing, again!

We stayed put for 2 years.

My parents decided to move us to North Dakota. My dad was going to be managing a large cattle ranch. He was constantly traveling as a farrier and cattle clipper, so my parents decided that moving us to a ranch, in the middle of nowhere North Dakota, would be better for our little family. Before leaving Montana we had welcomed my little sister into the family. She was six years younger, so my sister and I felt so accomplished helping care for a baby. Life was amazing!

When we moved to North Dakota I was starting second grade. The ranch that we were living on and managing was seven thousand acres, so there was plenty of room to roam and explore. My older sister and I continued our adventures. We would wander to the creek below the house and look for tadpoles and salamanders. We would climb the huge tree next to the creek. Our parents had helped us build a small hideout in the tree with steps leading up to a small platform that we could sit on and watch the world go by. We would follow the creek all day, and find something new on each little trek. We had no time for our youngest sister. She was much too young for us to bother with. We were too busy rummaging through the old root cellar, and enacting stories about fairies and wizards and other mythical creatures. Life was amazing, once again.

As we got older, life got harder. We weren’t accepted in social circles at school. We weren’t from one of the “old families” of the area. We didn’t have a name that meant anything to anyone. We were outsiders. Throughout elementary and middle school I had two close friends. By high school I had lost those friends, and had made new ones. I was going to school in a new town, due to our school shutting down, and finally had a group of friends that I fit in with. They didn’t care what my last name was. We just wanted to have fun….too much fun. That is when I met my husband, the father to my children. I was fourteen, and I was at the skate park with one of my new friends. We hung out there to watch the cute boys skate and bike. My husband was on his bike. He rode a BMX trick bike. He was mysterious, he was cool, and he was unlike anyone else I had met in this place. But, that was because he wasn’t from North Dakota. He had moved form Michigan with his mom. He was a few years older than I was, and he was so cute, and so NEW. We didn’t start dating for almost 3 years. We remained friends for a long time. I even dated a few of his close friends before we decided to test our chemistry. Life was amazing!

A year after we started dating we moved with my family back to Montana. I had dropped out of school despite my 3.8 gpa. I thought that working, making money, and having fun where way more important than that diploma. When we moved back to Montana I completed my GED(general education diploma). We tried finding jobs in Montana, but had no luck… so, we decided to spread our wings, and the two of us left for Washington state. That lasted six months, and we came back to Montana to live at my parent’s house. We finally found our own apartment, and within the year I was pregnant at nineteen. Life was as amazing as it could be for two, young, first time parents.

After years of struggling with addiction, losses, and many troubles, we moved to a small town and put down our roots. And FINALLY, after eleven years together, we got married. The community that we settled in, and currently reside, is twenty minutes from that little off grid cabin that I lived in when i was five, and when this whole adventure began. Talk about coming full circle. Since we left that off grid home, it has become an air b&B, yoga retreat, and organic micro farm. I visit it once a month for a day-long yoga retreat and to feel my roots. Oh, the serendipity of life! And now, here I am, writing all of this for you to enjoy. And life is AMAZING!

CHEERS, Marissa

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