Manifesting The Life You Want While Being An Awesome Mom

Do you scroll social media and see all these well put-together moms that have these amazing adventures and seem like they have such an exotic life? They have well behaved kids, go on outdoor adventures , and show off all of their hobbies and money making schemes via Instagram and Facebook. Oh, they also have a real job on top of everything! Then you sit back and look at your life and wonder where they find all of this extra time. You barely have time to fold and put away your laundry let alone go kayaking and make crafts. You feel lost in motherhood, with no real purpose other than raising kids and cooking meals. But, if you ask me, that is the greatest job and purpose in life.

But, here is the secret about these other parents ….they don’t actually have extra time. They just prioritize differently.

I know….it’s impossible when you are trying to run a household. Making sure everyone has a lunch packed, clean underwear, dinner planned, homework done. Oh, and don’t forget those library books are due back tomorrow. That’s just a Tuesday by 7 a.m. Then, add a job in there somewhere if you are a working mother. It is a thankless job most days, but your family literally wouldn’t survive without you, would they? So you keep on whistling while you work.

Then there is that underlying and burning desire to DO MORE and BE MORE. I have felt that desire since the day I had kids. I never really knew what my core desire was….but I knew there was something more to life than cooking, cleaning, and changing diapers.

Honestly, most days it is all I can do to make sure everyone is at school on time. I know that my purpose right now is to be a mother, but I have a responsibility to myself to be what I want to be AND be a mom. So…..please…in the middle of all of the mothering, laundry, and cooking, don’t lose your SELF. Don’t misplace your inner desires and needs. You are only human, but you are capable of way more than you give yourself credit for. So take just a little of that energy you reserve for other people and use it on yourself.

How did I finally find a purpose alongside parenting? I will let you know how I did it, but here is a little backstory first. I had kids young. I was twenty when my first was born. I didn’t go to college, or travel… so I never really had the opportunity to discover my inner self and desires. I didn’t even know if I was good at anything. So I put everything aside and became MOM. And it has been the most amazing journey in my life. I love being MOM. I have two beautiful kids and a very important job raising them. After a few years(I mean more like five) of being just a MOM I decided to try other things. I sat down and made some lists. I love lists. I love writing things down and organizing. So I wrote some lists; what I thought I was good at, what I wanted to be good at, and what my goal for the next year was. That set everything in motion. When pen hits paper you have officially sent your intentions out into the Universe. The manifestation has begun!

I believe strongly in manifesting our reality. If you believe in God then use that. The Universe, or God hears your desires. After your desires and plans are out there all you have to do is focus your thoughts. Imagine these things already being yours.

My list consisted of a few things: I wanted to improve my yoga practice, hike more, read more, paint, draw, and write. These were the things that I thought I might be good at or enjoy. And they were realistic, small goals I could work towards. Now, here is the trick…you can’t just write it down and wait for it to happen. You actually have to put in some effort. You have to imagine yourself already accomplishing these things, then you are on the right track.

As soon as you think you can’t do something, or that you are failing at it, then that’s what the Universe makes happen. You manifested failure. Those negative, failing, worthless thoughts can’t be in your head if you want to create that magical life you desire.

There are a million people out there that can tell you that manifesting works. Your mind holds all of the manifesting power that you need.

I started small. I picked up a book and told myself I would finish reading it before the month was over, and I did….so my first goal was quickly manifested. I know, I know, reading a whole book might seem impossible when you are so busy with life and being a mother, but maybe instead of scrolling social media for an hour, just read a chapter out of that book.

Next I decided to make yoga a priority. I told myself and the Universe that I would become focused when I was on my yoga mat instead of just rushing through a quick 10 minute yoga video. I started to really study it. I made some time a few times a week to focus all of my energy on yoga. I didn’t have the opportunity to attend many real yoga classes, but I spent hours watching a million different videos on a how to perfect one pose. Then I would move onto a new pose to master. Each pose took a few weeks of yoga video after yoga video until I felt confident that I was doing it right. After a couple years I got decent results, and that sparked my desire to start a children’s yoga class, which has been one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done next to parenting. So my next goal was checked off my manifestation list.

It took a little longer for the rest of my desires to start manifesting. I did have to put work and family first a lot of the time. Yet, I kept that little energy reserve for myself and my needs. I tried not to feel guilty about sticking my kids in front of the t.v. so that I could work on my list of goals. Gradually, I got there.

Now I hike a few times a month in the summer, paint while my kids are busy, practice yoga and run my kid’s yoga business. I read, write, cook, clean, and work as a server at a very busy restaurant. I admit, I don’t work a full time job. I contribute financially where I can, but I consider my job as a mother my full time job.

If you do work a full time job, obviously this method probably isn’t for you. I understand from past experience that working full time and just feeding your family a healthy dinner is a big achievement.

On the other hand, if you are a stay at home mom, or only work a few days a week, then I hope this resonates with you. In the end, you are all awesome moms.

To learn more about kid’s yoga follow the link to my website. I will be doing a blog post about kid’s yoga and the benefits in the near future. Until then, Namaste.

Have a Magical and Mindful day,


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